Voice of the Child


My name is Lidani I am 15 years old. I started scouts in 2020 I am from Myakayaka village. Before... read more →


Savhanna Avuxeni, minjane! Hello, how are you? Did you enjoy the podcast from last week? I am not sure if... read more →


My name is Nsuku, I started with KTD196 as a Cub and then became a Scout and plan on becoming... read more →


As a young driven woman from one of the poverty-stricken areas in Limpopo, Keep The Dream196 and Scouts has been... read more →


Before I joined KTD196 I lived with my mum, my aunt, my granny and my siblings. I was a very... read more →


Welcome, welcome, welcome to the KTD196 Community of Supporters! If you are new to us, please enjoy meeting Tamea one... read more →


My name Emmanuel, I am 19yrs of age and I started Scout in Bodwe in 2014 but I never joined,... read more →


My name is Casius, I am 17yrs old soon. I started Scouts at Bodwe Village in 2016. Before I joined... read more →


My name is Sharmaine, and I am now a driven and passionate individual who embraces challenges. I joined Scouting in... read more →


My name is Charles and I am 16 years old and have been a scout and part of Keep The... read more →


My name is Brilliant and I am 17yrs of age, I am from Acornhoek Mpumalanga and I attend Seeds of... read more →


KTD196 is the best. Asanda 2017 Avuxeni Chome, Minjani? Um fekili minjane! Hello friend, how are you? I am well!... read more →