Sep 08


My name is Lidani I am 15 years old. I started scouts in 2020 I am from Myakayaka village. Before I joined scouts, I was under the influence of peer pressure doing all the wrongs things in life. I started having relationships with girls, not knowing the effects of dating at the young age. I didnt even consider about being a teenage dad or the impact it would have on my girlfriend. I was very ignorant about HIV as well. I now understand and realise that it would short circuit my future, my girlfriends future and my child. I would have to leave school and try to get a job which is very difficult especially because my mother is a refugee from Mozambique and none of us have ID documents. I also never knew that animals are friendly all they need is care and love and safety, I used to throw sticks and stones at animals and beat them because I was afraid. I was not loyal or kind to other people, I would treat people very badly and I would often bully my younger siblings and be cruel to others. Since joining scouts, I am now a changed person learning all the scout laws and promises made me a better human being I am now responsible and trustworthy leader.

I have started to like animals and now understand and take good care of them in a friendly manner. I also have learned to respect myself. We have learnt about ABC Abstinence, Be Faithful and Condomise through KTD196 but I have chosen to Abstain and Be Faithful to myself, I no longer have girlfriends, that way I can work towards my future without fear of becoming a father early. What I enjoy in scouts is we learn adventures things about nature, how to take care of our climate, going to camp on school holidays is the best experiences of true adventure and learning in a different fun way. Living in the village is dangerous, there are a lot of criminals and violence, coming to camp I can relax and enjoy. It is tiring at camp because we are doing a lot and learning a lot of knew things but the stress of violence isnt there. What I have learned since joining KTD196 is I have learned to love myself and be truthful, loyal to others.

We learned about Sir Robert Baden Powell who started scouts in his country. Purifying of water is most exciting because in the village water is difficult to come by and often we have to go to the river, so do the animals, and other people use the river as a toilet so by learning how to purify water my family does not get sick. I now know hygiene is important in our life. In addition, how to care of our natural things like trees birds and animals, we need to protect nature and care for it, not destroy it. In future, I want to be a medical doctor because many people in my community are struggling for health care. In addition, my dream is to be able to run my own private practice to help people. I am still in scouts because I want to reach to the top award position in scouts while learning and developing my skills while having fun in every lesson. Thank you for making that possible

Your friend Lindani