Keep the Dream 196

66% of all children in South Africa live below the poverty line. We’re on a mission to change that!

Our mission is to assist children in overcoming difficult life circumstances by building resilience—physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically—using a rights-based framework. This will enable them to realize their full potential and contribute to the development of South Africa.

Building Tomorrow Today

KTD196 started unofficially in 2003 after a focus group with 180 Home Based Care volunteers who were very stressed about the problems facing the orphaned and vulnerable children of their villages. We see the impact of our work every day and it is so encouraging to see, our kids have a sense of hope, destiny and the life skills to be able to achieve their dreams.

Our Programs

At Keet the Dream 196, we have two programmes, Self Help Groups, focussed on equipping and training adults, and Children’s Programmes teaching children to overcome difficult life circumstances by building resilience, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically.

Our Campaigns

Introducing our Global Giving Campaigns, where we aim to raise funds for our various projects and causes, with a focus on transforming the lives of children, families and communities. Please join us in making a difference by giving to these campaigns on Global Giving’s website and together, let’s create a positive impact.

Keep the Dream 196

1.5 million children are orphaned by HIV in South Africa. Let’s end the cycle of despair.

Latest News

Stay up to date with our latest blog posts and news articles, where we delve deeper into our mission of training and empowering families and communities. Discover valuable insights, success stories, and helpful resources that showcase our commitment to making a positive impact.

The Heartfelt Impact of Your Support

I trust you are well and that were ever you are in the world that life is treating you kindly! I want to thank you for being part of the solution to the huge problems facing our kids in Limpopo. You are really stars! I really appreciate you and your support every day. Thank you is such a

Overcoming bullying

As I was thinking about Joy this week, and all the issues she has overcome and continues to overcome, I started thinking again about stigma and discrimination. I believe these two words are synonymous with bullying. People are scared about what they don’t understand, often it is fear covered up by bravado

Update on Joy!

My mum and dad died of Aids 4years ago. I was born with HIV. I was scared that people would reject me because of being HIV positive. I didn’t tell KTD196 or anyone except my sister who goes with me to the clinic to get treatment. I live with my older sister. We survive on the Child Support Grant R480 ($27USD) for the month.