Sep 08


My name is Nsuku, I started with KTD196 as a Cub and then became a Scout and plan on becoming a Rover when I turn 18yrs. I live in Shiluvane Village. I have now been in the Scout program for 5yrs. I feel so free and proud to be a Scout. I wasn’t feeling free to walk around the village because I am not from here, I was being judged because my language was different but now, since joining Scouts, I am accepted and I feel very free.

Now I am a Troop Leader, which means I am responsible for everyone at 1st Shiluvane. I assist them in developing their skills and knowledge. I help them develop as junior scouts, I make sure they are applying the Law and Promise in Scouts, at school, and at home. I also help all the other scouts with their homework, I love mathematics and I am very good, so I help the others where I can. I would like to see all children join Scouts, it is a very good thing. KTD196 has saved so many children through this program. If you join us, you will learn great things, you will become something bigger you didn’t think was possible. They will teach you how to lead, even if you are afraid.

I was in town last week, I was taking a child to the hospital because he got injured, I was in uniform and the nurse asked me why I was dressed in this shirt. I was able to talk to her about Scouts and about all that we do. I could see she was very interested and she said she wanted to join scouts because she could see that I was a very responsible young man. I am very proud of my first aid badge because I can help others and I know what to do if there is an injury or accident. I was able to achieve my Springbok Award, which is the highest national award in Scouts for Scouts. One of the activities was a hike with my patrol, I took 6 scouts with me on a journey for 80kms and we camped over two nights. This was so exciting. I had to do all the preparation for example get permission from the landowners, have consent forms from the scouts and Scouts National for the hike. I had to plan the food we would take for three days and two nights.

I had a good team of fellow scouts, they supported me in this. I am very proud to be the first Scout in Keep The Dream196 to achieve the Springbok Award in Keep The Dream196. If you believe in your heart what you want to achieve, there is nothing impossible, if you believe in your heart, you will achieve it, if you don’t believe and plan you will not achieve. To everyone who has helped me on this journey THANK YOU! It is only possible because of you. Thank you Nsuku