Sep 08


Welcome, welcome, welcome to the KTD196 Community of Supporters! If you are new to us, please enjoy meeting Tamea one of the people this program has assisted. She has been with us through all 3 branches of our program and is eager to give back and serve others.

For those who have been with us for a while, you are awesome! Thank you for sharing this journey with us and for making such a huge difference in the children we serve. Tamia’s story is no different from many of the kids we support. Tamea is a product of KTD196 program, we are changing lives, families, and communities one child at a time. Her success academically she attributes to our program teaching her how to study, persevere, and have hope and a dream. It is so exciting to see her realize her dreams. Tamea is now in her final year and her future looks very bright, I am sure you agree. Through KTD196’s support, she was able to access a bursary otherwise, she would not financially be able to study, her mother is unemployed and she does not have a father.

I hope you enjoy reading about Tamea’s journey and are proud of her achievements and the role you played in her success!



My name is Ntshuxeko (but my friends call me Tamea), and I am 20yrs old. I started with KTD96 in 2010. Before I joined KTD196 I was very ignorant about life and didn’t care about most things, I didn’t care about basic issues such as water shortage, load shedding, littering, climate change, deforestation, and the impact that all has on people. I didn’t know that the provision of safe water was a human rights issue and that we need to hold duty bearers accountable to meet these basic needs.

After joining the movement I became more aware, this program has opened many doors for me. Doors of knowledge such as I have learned about first aid, mapping, gardening and this has equipped me for everyday life and continues to help me. Through the knowledge gained I can help people and teach others which, not only did it help me as an individual, it also impacted those around me positively. I met many different people which helped me with my communication skills and I have grown in confidence and competence.

I feel like back in high school and now in university, it is easy to get out of line and lose yourself but the children’s program was there to remind me to stay in place, do the right thing. We had scout laws and promise that we had to follow so this reminded me every day that my honour is to be trusted and my duty is to be useful and help others. This helped me to stay in line and not make unnecessary mistakes and to always stay rooted and true to myself. I try my hardest and always help others. We would do a lot of activities in the program such as camping, hiking, and also strategic planning which helped me to make informed considered choices in life and to always do my best in everything I tried. Failure was seen as an opportunity to learn not a place to stay.

Now that I’m over 18yrs I am a rover (the 3rd program KTD196 has) and it’s just as exciting as it was when I was a scout. The difference is that now we do a lot of things by ourselves and that has taught me further responsibility and that I am capable of not just leading myself but also others. I am in university studying accounting science. I also am giving back to KTD196 because I am the Rover chairperson for Limpopo Province, I have the privilege of leading and guiding other young leaders to be better people. I’m doing great so thank you for providing me with people to look up to, people who inspire me to become a better human being every day… I know I would not be where I am today without your support.

Thank you