Sep 08


My name is Casius, I am 17yrs old soon. I started Scouts at Bodwe Village in 2016.

Before I joined the program I was very bullied by a lot by my friends, I was not naughty but I was bullied a lot.

Scouts has changed my life, it taught me how do things in the right way, how to live with other children. It taught me how to respect others; it taught me how to be clean and to look after myself.

I was very quiet, that was why I was bullied. My friends thought I could not fight that was why I was bullied. Then I came to the KTD196 program and it taught me to stand up and say no. I won’t be bullied any more. I now have a voice, people listen to me.

I love the program so much. It has laws that need to be followed. It teaches me how to speak in a nice way to others, how to lead others especially from my school and the community.

I want to be a lawyer when I finish school