Sep 08


Savhanna Avuxeni, minjane! Hello, how are you? Did you enjoy the podcast from last week? I am not sure if you have had a chance to watch the video but if you did, I would love to have feedback! Thank you so much for your continued support! You are making such a difference in the lives of the children we serve. I wish you could see the hope in their eyes, the spring in their step, and the determination in their faces. It is wonderful and I am so privileged to witness this. Your donation is changing lives. Thank you so much. A few months ago I introduced you to Engel, one of our Rovers who has taken on the role of “Social Influencer”, the testimony below is written by her. She interviewed Savhanna on receipt of her Leaping Wolf, the highest badge in Cubs and which is internationally recognized. I am sure you will applaud her first effort at being a reporter! Our program is becoming more and more sustainable as the young adults rise up in the program and assist the organization in activities and programs. I hope you enjoy Engels writing and Savhanna’s story. Keep The Dream196 is the sponsoring organization for this group. Blessings and thank you once again Louise .

Savhanna is an 11-year-old girl from Polokwane in the Limpopo Region. In 2021 she was one of the Cubs from the 1st Polokwane Scout Group to receive her Leaping Wolf from Chief Commissioner and from Louise the Director of KTD196 as well as Nkulu the National Cub Program co-ordinator who is KTD196 social worker. When talking to her I discovered a young girl whose confidence and drive is inspiring! “I felt so happy and appreciated when I got my Leaping Wolf Award,” says Savhanna smiling. “I joined scouting a few years back when I was 8 years old. Since then I have learned a lot of things. I know how to tie knots and use ropes and I also learned to survive in the wild. I feel that my communication skills have improved by talking and being around other people during Cub activities. I can work better in a team than I could before. I think it’s important in scouting to always take advantage of opportunities and have fun.” As an adventurous person, Savhanna was deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic when events and activities had to be either postponed or cancelled. “It wasn’t easy to do my Leaping Wolf with Covid regulations but I did it step by step. One of the activities I did to get this award is the water challenge where I learned more about the challenges that certain people encounter.

I also learned how to do knots and made my own knotting board. One of my personal challenges was doing the Magoebaskloof canopy tour where I had to face my fears … height!” My communication skills improved by being around others during Cub activities. Savhanna has big future plans in Scouting. “My goal is to grow the Scouting community by recruiting other people. I aim to do this by showing them the fun I have in Scouting. I also want to get my Springbok Award!” She is clearly a young girl that is willing and ready to tackle all the challenges that come her way both in and outside of Scouting. Her advice to other Cubs is: “Take opportunities and do all the activities whilst having fun.” To her peers outside of the program, her message is clear “Please join Scouts! It’s the most amazing thing you will ever do!”