Sep 07


Before I joined the Scouts I was somehow like a terrible young man. I was the kind of person who like swearing at other people. I was a person who liked going out to the streets with my friends during the night and we’d mock everyone who passed by and laugh at them regardless of their gender or age. Lying was always on the tip of my tongue. If I did anything wrong at home and my parents would try to rectify my mistakes I would get angry with everyone and go away and come back when they are sleeping (I was very short tempered and not very friendly to other people). I and my friends had taken to beating other children as a very fashionable style and we would beat them up for no good reason. The worst thing about me is I was a great gambling animal. I would steal any of my parent’s cents and rob out their change when they would send me to stores or shops so I could gamble with the money. I would play dice with older people. The older people who were my friends would force me to drink alcohol and have many girl friends, so I did because I wanted to be with them because they gave me money to gamble with if I didn’t have any. So Scouts has changed my life completely as I am away from these hectic things I was doing in the past. I’m no longer fooling around with my old friends, Scouts has made me have good friends. I am glad I’m away from those bad things because the only thing that was left was for me was to start smoking and start dying from AID’s as I was already drinking. — Ronny 18yrs — 1st Khopo and now a Chairman of Marula Rover Crew