Sep 07


The impact of Keep The Dream in my life

Hello my name is Rivoningo from Mavele a village which is around 40 Km away from Tzaneen. I am 25 years of age and I joined scout in 2005 and became one of the few first scouts in my village when I was 11. Scout is overseen by Keep the dream (KTD) 196 in our region.  Before I became a scout I was a very shy boy, I couldn’t stand in front of people since I could not manage the butterflies in my stomach neither would I handle the fear of meeting nor talking to new people. KTD 196 has presented us with the opportunity to meet other kids from other villages around Tzaneen and instilled in us values of leadership and social responsibility.

Through KTD 196 I became aware at a young age of the diseases prevailing in our country such as TB, HIV and other types of STIs that could be preventable with education and awareness. I have benefited a lot in troop meetings and camps where a lot has been taught including peer pressure, first aid, leadership qualities, building self-esteem and the list goes on. These activities significantly boosted my self-confidence. I realised that I could also do things that I did not have the confidence to do before because of the encouraging environment and seeing other kids of my age do it. 

Like many learners, I found matric somewhat challenging in different aspects. These challenges may sometimes lead to learners not passing their matric. KTD196 is a nurturing environment that puts an emphasis on the educational, social and inter-personal skill development. It grooms kids and equips them with skills to endeavour and thrive everywhere they go. It is therefore not a coincidence that most of the kids that have been cared for by KTD 196 pass their matric well enough and go to universities and colleges. I truly believe that this wouldn’t have been achieved without the training received from KTD 196. I can say with pride that under KTD 196 I had the best childhood any child could ask for and that makes me feel very privileged.

I myself successfully completed my BSc Chemistry and Biochemistry undergraduate degree after matric and I have recently graduated for my Postgraduate diploma in chemical Engineering. I owe this a lot to KTD 196 for building confidence in us and affirming that we can do greater things. I have met lot of friends there who are also doing very well in their studies and some are already working and contributing greatly to their communities and greater society as a whole. KTD 196 is the gift to everyone who gets involved in it. I thank God for KTD 196 because I know that every good gift comes from our Father in Heaven.