Sep 07


“Growing up in the scouting family taught me the significance of learning to give back to my community and to those who supported me all the way to become a better person that I am today. I learnt a lot from scouting and I feel like it is my responsibility to help train other kids who will be leaders of tomorrow. Today I am a leader, speaker and better person because of scouts, it would be selfish of me if I kept this knowledge and skills that I obtained from scouting to myself. Hence I take the responsibility in making sure that I spread the knowledge around Limpopo Scouts to help build better leaders and grow our scouting family; for me scouting is part of my identity and it makes me very happy to see our sisterhood and brotherhood grow from scouts to rovers.” — Phindile 19yrs — Marula Rover Crew. Phindile has been a Scout since November 2003 (one of the original 13 children from 1st Shiluvane.) She passed Matric in 2009 and is studying Occupational Therapy – University of Cape Town and intends to return to Greater Tzaneen and form part of a multidisciplinary team with other returning scouts to support KTD196 and the children of this area who have needs which are outside of KTD196’s current capacities. Phindile was the Course Director for the PLTC training held in June 2011