Sep 07


The reason I chose to be a cub instructor is because a lot of children need guidance and mentorship, they need elders whom they can identify as role models and they can learn from. It’s not just a job but it has to come with passion and the feeling of having to want to help a child. I would encourage the youth whether you are a scout or not to help change a child’s life, to help build a better South Africa by grooming the small children into being the future leaders. If we have a very strong foundation that is installed in children, if they are groomed and led to the right path then we’ll have fought the struggle of having a better South Africa. It’s not only for the children but as an individual it is fulfilling to know that you have played a role in changing a child’s life and have given someone the chance to dream and to dream big. Lets unite and work together to build a better South Africa starting with our future leaders: OUR CHILDREN. — Nkulu 18yrs — 1st Shiluvane and now a Rover and Pack Scouter