Sep 07


Hey guys. My name is Kopano. I’m 19 years old. I started being a scout member in 2008 where I originally come from (Mokgwathi- Limpopo). Before I started, I wasn’t a friendly person. I would always want to do things on my own and not share anything with anyone. i was an aggressive child and loved violence.I had friends who didn’t care about school work and I had difficulties completing my own work because I wanted to fit in. When I joined scouts, I was taught the scout laws and they changed my life completely although it wasn’t easy at first. I now base my life on scout laws. I always thrive to complete my school work on time and I always work hard because I enjoy receiving excellent marks.I am also proud to tell you that I am the most caring person ever. I care about people’s well-being and I hate violence. I’ve drifted apart with my old friends because I’ve realized that they don’t have the same love I have for education and that it might lead me to compromise my values and principles.

 Unfortunately the program stopped operating in 2009, because of lack of attendance by the other members so I couldn’t go on with it. It was sad for me. In 2012 I moved to North West . I had to settle in and adapt with the new environment, school,teachers and friends. It was difficult at first but I managed to get through the stage and I got a chance to meet friends with the same vision as mine( ambitious and caring people) . In 2015, my love for scouts pushed me to make an effort with trying to find scouts near me . I texted Louise Batty on Facebook and asked her to find me scouts that near to where I stay and she did that. I am and forever will be grateful to her for that. She gave me contacts of the North West District Commissioner. I called him and and explained my situation  and he arranged for me to meet with one of the Troop Scouters and I joined their group. Unfortunately I was 17 years by then  so I couldn’t be a scout but a Rover and I also became “Akela”. It wasn’t for long because I had a lot of school work to complete. I am planning to attend cub training’s (of which I’ve already attended one so far) once I have time to do it because I am studying nursing and its taking a lot of my time.