Sep 07


Avuxeni, Minjani? Um fekile min jani! Hello, how are you? I am fine!

I want to start this report of with how grateful I am to each and every one who supports the children of KTD196. You are invaluable to us and to the children we serve. Without you, we would not be able to achieve what we are achieving.

I was asked by a KTD196 supporter, “If KTD196 ceased to exist, would anyone miss us?”

This question got me thinking!

How often do people notice when you are not there?

We would have, statistically speaking:

2,017 more children in South Africa through our teenage girls statistically becoming pregnant! The government would be spending R187million more rand on child support grants alone.

2,017 more girls would struggle with completing their matriculation and going on to find work or further study.

This means potentially 2,017 more families would be dependent on the Child Support Grant alone. Not contributing to the tax base, not working towards the development of South Africa but taking from her resources.

Without Keep The Dream196 we would not see young people develop and grow with their eyes on supporting their families and communities to develop. We would still have a 62% matriculation pass rate and not the 92% we currently experience in the program.

Crime, well 70% of all children under the age of 18yrs are victims and/or perpetrators of crime. We have had one child in over 12,000 in 19yrs go through the courts. Not 70%. I wonder if KTD196 was not here if those crimes would have touched your family, your neighbourhood, your community? It’s an interesting thought if we were not here!

These are just some of the impacts that this area would experience without Keep The Dream196?

Then I started to think about the impact of your support, KTD196 is only here because of you, your support, your care for the children we serve, your interest in making this a better world, especially for children. I am so grateful for your ongoing support! We are able to do the work we do and see the lives of our kids change because of you!

It’s only through your donation we are able to have the impact we are having. Please consider starting a monthly donation scheme.

Thank you for standing with us and making a difference in the lives of the children we serve.



My name is Katlego from Mhangweni village. When I first met Mum Louise I was 12yrs old, now I am 22yrs of age and I am in University studying a Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase.

I’ve been in scouts for many years. I joined scouts just for fun because when I joined scouts I was 12 years old and I liked the games they were playing but then there was a lot to learn especially through the games. Before I joined Keep The Dream196, I was a naughty boy who disrespected his parents and siblings. I never listened to what they used to tell me or instructed me to do because of my arrogance My parents tried to call family meetings and church pastors for me but I failed to change.

The reason I did all such things was that I wanted to please my friends, peer pressure was very bad. I was so insecure and so easily led, I tried to be a tough guy to stop being bullied, I tried to be a smart arse and was very cocky.

I had no respect for the environment or how to take care of it, I would vandalize and create trouble everywhere. At school, I used to disobey my teachers and also didn’t do my school work and I hated people without reason, I had no respect for anyone. I was not a very nice child.

After I had been part of Keep The Dream196 there were so many changes in my life. One of my favourite memories is when I got to go and see a lion. So many children live so close to the Kruger National Park but we were too poor to go there. Through KTD196 we were able to go to a wildlife park and actually see a lion very close, it was an amazing experience that I would never have had otherwise.

Keep The Dream196 taught me how to respect people and even scout law no5 states that “a scout is courteous”. I quickly became an honest young man who obeyed my parents and school teachers. In high school, I started achieving better grades and because of KTD196 support, I received a bachelor’s entrance into university.

The skills that I have learned in the program I am now applying at University.

I am now in Rovers which is the 4th level of the KTD196 program. I have encouraged other university students to join the program. There is a lot of pressure at university, you are away from home, peer pressure is great, a lot of the students drink, party all night, skip class, don’t attend lectures, take drugs. It would be easy to fall back into old habits but I have been transformed. KTD196’s program continues to give me strength, to hold on to my dreams, and to give back as I can.

Originally I wanted to be a lawyer, but then I realized when I was working with Cubs (children aged between 7-11yrs) that I seriously loved working with young children. KTD196 assisted me to get a bursary to study Education, I want to be a Foundation Teacher, I want to be a male role model to young children, I see there is a huge gap as sadly many boys and men get girls pregnant and then run away. The children grow up without any positive male role model. If I can make them feel secure, have self-respect, and grow right from the beginning, they won’t have to deal with the issues I dealt with growing up. They will have a better foundation for life than I did, and won’t make the mistakes I made.

This year I will be attending a Cub Warrant Training so that I can run my own group of kids aged between 7-10,5yrs.

Grow big Keep The Dream196, I love you and your team! I always will be part of KTD196. I want my children to be a part of KTD196. I will use the things I have been taught for other people’s children, so they can grow up and have a good future. I truly believe KTD196 saved me from a terrible future.

THANK YOU to everyone who supported me on my journey in KTD196, I look forward to doing the same for other people’s children and eventually my own. Keep up the good work.

Thank you