Sep 08


My name is Brilliant and I am 17yrs of age, I am from Acornhoek Mpumalanga and I attend Seeds of Light Community Based Organization and I have been attending SoL since 2013. I started to attend Keep The Dream196’s children program called scouts in 2015.

Before I was a scout, firstly I was a boy who always helps others, so when I heard the program scouts I asked Mum Khensani ( a staff member from the local drop in centre) about Scouts and she said it was a good program and that I should join. After I joined scouts I saw something different on my life because when my mother was no longer alive, she died 23rd May 2013 I felt no longer alive as well. My step father had to look after when my mum died; he was a good man and treated me as if I had the same blood as him. He treated me like his son but that didn’t change the fact that I felt dead inside.

So I met some boy from scouts who guided me and give me many ideas to do many things and to forget about death. I was thinking about my mother’s death all the time before I joined KTD196’s program. I felt like dying, I felt scouts wasn’t going to help me. So I tell myself that trying scouts is a good thing.

So, on a Friday I went to scouts and I have received more information than what I got when I was sitting at home. I received the scout laws and how people are living while they are scouts. So I learned the laws and promise and also the story of Baden Powell.

In 2017, the issue of the death of my mother, it was no longer heavy on my heart. So I tried to forget about her death, I told myself that my mother is not going to come back, so the only thing I can do is accept her death. KTD196 program did help, I was asked to draft a poem about death and how heartless I felt. So I wrote about what I was feeling, I was encouraged to go and perform my poem in front of people. I was not scared to talk publically because I know about death very well.

So I found I have many talents after performing my poem, so I told Penelope (a staff member of Seeds of Light), I can go ahead and write my poems and she found a teacher to help me to write more poems. After I joined scouts, I obeyed the scout laws and promise and I became a patrol leader. I was leading my group well. I was doing a good job. After being a patrol leader I became a troop leader showing everyone respect and how to live by the law and promise.

Now I feel like my heart is filled with scouts and I have a plan for my future. I want to be a graphic engineer because some of the things from engineering I already know through my research.

If you are a child, 11-18yrs, you are still young, you are not older than others, you need to treat others equally because life outside is difficult and you need support, why I am saying that is because many children are lost and they take their life like they are old while they are still young, They do things that only adults should do and not what children should do. Some end up being street kids because they try adult things like alcohol and smoking dangerous drugs. I want this message to help other children to have hope.