Sep 07


KTD196 is the best. Asanda 2017 Avuxeni Chome, Minjani? Um fekili minjane! Hello friend, how are you? I am well! I LOVE MY JOB! I love seeing the light globe moment on the kid’s faces when they get it!! I love seeing their minds switch on to the possibilities that are before them, a new way of thinking and being. I love the fact that we see sustained behaviour change in most cases within 3months and this carries them on in life. I LOVE MY JOB! I love that one minute I can be with a 100kids under the stars camping, having fun with games, watching them master new skills, and the next night is in a 5star hotel on the other side of the country working with government ministers and representatives changing policy for children and for the nation. I love making a difference. I LOVE MY JOB! I always thought I would be doing something like this when I retired but God brought up the time frame and I actually started working on this dream when I was 40yrs. I always knew I would be working in a 3rd world situation and for me, this is like a hand in a glove. Ok, South Africa is supposed to be a 1st world nation but when people don’t have running water, electricity, proper sanitation, proper roads and live in brick, tin, or mud houses with thatched rooves it’s a bit difficult to qualify. Anyway, you are the reason why I am so happy. Don’t get me wrong every day there is a new challenge, a new heartbreak a new level of frustration, but your support enables me to LOVE MY JOB! Because of you, I get to see so many kids take hold of the training and support we are giving them, to realize their dreams, and become what they could never dream to be before KTD196 became into existence. Thank you! Ndza nkhensa swenene ngopfu, Ke a leboha, Ndo livhuwa (“Thank you so much” in the Xitsonga, Sotho and Venda languages in Limpopo) Blessings Louise

I am Asanda (twenty years old) from 1st Mhagweni Scouts, UL Rover’s Crew. I started Scouts later in 2013, so I have been in Scouts for about nine years to date. A little background story, Scouts was introduced to me via school and I remember on my first day I just when there to check out what this Scouting is all about and when I got there I really enjoyed the activities we did for the day, for someone that is quite shy and introverted I felt free I was happy and I just wanted more of it that’s when I decided to fully commit to the movement. My journey in Scouts has been quite amazing, I meet good leaders who have been playing a very good role in KTD196, I managed to make friends that made the journey to be very exciting and fun, and a lot of other amazing people. That was a huge deal for me as I really was terribly shy. I was empowered to do public speaking which terrified me in the beginning but I became confident over time.

I learned leadership skills, I mentored the younger children, and we took control of our troop and managed it ourselves using the Spider Tool. We were responsible for the management, administration, planning, monitoring, and evaluation of our performance as a troop. I am learning about this at university now but I knew about project management in high school. I learned about conflict management and resolution during scouts when we had difficult issues to overcome such as our adult leader was not representing scouts nicely in the community so we asked her to leave. We found a replacement and trained the new adult. It was a difficult time for all of us, especially for me because I don’t like conflict, but I learned not to be scared of conflict. I still don’t like it but I am no longer scared of it. The activities such as camping, hiking, and living outdoors which I believe are the best and most exciting things about Scouts, they have contributed a lot to me being free and open around other people they really contributed to my personal growth.

The most important lessons I learned are being kind, showing love and respect for the next person, and building a buddy system. The Scouts project has been a good journey that needs commitment, I believe I have managed to stick around up to this far because I really love Scouts and the spirit just lives in me. I am now studying for a Bachelor of Information Science, I want to work in anything to do with research and information knowledge management. I see knowledge management as a key industry for the future, possibly to become an information broker or business analyst. Lastly, I am grateful for all the people who have supported us and stuck with Keep The Dream196 up to this far, you are making a very huge impact in so many children’s lives, I am just one of them. Thank you Asanda