Jan 18

We’re back and ready for 2024!

Well we are back at work and all hands on deck!

I trust you were able to have a break over the Christmas period and that you are refreshed and ready for 2024!

We have started with all of our planning for the year’s activities especially following #GivingTuesday campaigns and so we have some wonderful campaigns planned, camps, district events, trainings and targets are being put in place as I write so I will share more about that at a later date!

What really excites me is the impact we are making on the lives of the children we serve, both directly through the Children’s Program but also indirectly through the Self Help Group Approach (SHG).

As an observer of the ladies’ groups I am seeing an increase in confidence, in capacity and the conversation informally is shifting from hopelessness to hopefulness. The ladies are starting to recognise the power they have collectively to make changes in their families and their communities which is really exciting. This year we will be targeting the SH Groups to train volunteers in the Children’s Program and tapping into their children who are not in the program currently, this has a wonderful sense of synergy for KTD196 but also ownership of the Children’s Groups by the parents and children themselves.

We are in process of scheduling our camps for this year and already we have 18 confirmed volunteers to attend the first module of training for the children’s program which is funded by your support. These 18 people (with at least another 10 not yet confirmed) will be starting 9 groups of 30 children, 270 children will be directly impacted through your support and on their way to a successful and accomplished future.

We also will be having camps with the children later in the year when the tropical season has blown over and we will not have to be so wet. We have colour runs happening, district events, an award ceremony at the end of the year to celebrate the achievements of the children, volunteers, and staff. That is on top of our weekly meetings with the SHGroups and the Children’s Groups.

So much fun, so much excitement and all through your ongoing support, thank you so much for being a part of our DREAM and supporting us to assist others to be all they can be. Never doubt the impact your gift has to the people we work with, it is life changing, seriously! Thank you for being there, thank you for giving, thank you for sharing our vision, thank you for being part of the solution!

Blessings to you and your family for a prosperous and healthy 2024!


PS Please consider leaving a message on our website for any of the team, ladies or children to encourage them and inspire them. It really does mean a lot! Click here to leave a message