Apr 24

Welcome to another weekly report!

Thank you for your support and engagement for KTD196, I am very pleased to say that we have not heard of another abduction in our villages, however please continue to pray for the children and families who have lost their love ones.

We continue to work hard at keeping our children safe and will continue to do so.

Thank you for helping us make such a big impact. Below is a story by Benjy, one of our young scouts. What he doesn’t share was that he has approached a very exclusive private high school in Limpopo on his own (without his parents or teachers) and requested a bursary based on his leadership role in the current school, his community volunteer work through KTD196, his achievements in Scouts, and his impressive scholastic record. So far, the response by the school has been very positive to his request, this boy is now 13yrs of age. I can’t wait to hear what happens next.

Benjy is just one of our kids, if you have been with us for a while, you will see how their stories have developed, how their writing has improved, which of course is have a wonderful effect on their schooling. Last year, like the previous 3years, KTD196 has had a 100% matriculation pass rate. Where Government schools pass rate in the same period is 72%. They all go to government schools however their diligence and determination to achieve is the key factor.

That is part of what you are responsible for through your gifts to KTD196. You are changing futures not just of children, of families, of communities and for the nation of South Africa.

Thank you for your support, thank you for making a difference,



Hey Everyone My name is Benjamin I’m currently 12 years old I’m turning 13 in a very few days. Keepthedream196 and Scouts has been a huge building block that reflects who I am, my personality, and my achievements. I started in the scouts programme in 2017 when I was six I started off as a cub. Before I joined I was always eager to watch how the cubs and scouts operated and I used to watch them as they did their activities and learned about various things, so when the pack scouter finally said I was old enough to join I was overjoyed and couldn’t express my happiness enough.

I went on to start my leaping wolf journey in 2020 and It was a bit tough because of COVID but everyone gave me the motivation I needed until I was able to finish in 2022 and not only was I proud of myself but my family, Pack scouter, and my friends were too. From then on I’ve been able to progress all the way to the point of where I’m starting my First class in scouts soon.

Not only are KTD196 helping kids and teens but they are building communities, people and helping other smaller businesses. I’ve seen them reduce crime rates, Poverty rates, and give people hope as they introduced SHG and scout programmes, and communities are very happy with Keepthedream196.

I am to, as they built me into who I am today, they taught me leadership skills, showed me responsibilities, gave me a life away from the bustling towns and cities with loud noises and flashy lights. They taught me how to survive in the forest, how to use a compass, they basically built me, shaped me, and made me who I am Today.

I became head boy at my school because of my leadership and people skills which I learnt at scouts, they showed me humanity, kindness and gave me support when I needed it. I’m very happy of what KEEPTHEDREAM196 is doing for us. I hope one day it grows so far it becomes international. I feel so lucky to be a scout.

What KTD196 is doing is phenomenal and it’s hard to find companies like Keep the Dream196 and Scouts South Africa who really care about making a difference and I’d just want to say thank YOU for that. You have helped them be relevant today, not just in my life but in so many other children and adults lives.

God Bless you!