Oct 10

We appreciate your support so much!

MAN, it is wonderful to see all the activities and see all the smiles. I love to see the kids enjoying themselves and learning at the same time.

We have had a lot of fun, and the kids have learned to make a 3-course meal on gas. Just to put this perspective, they don’t know what a starter or entree is, and they don’t know what dessert is, they have one to two meals a day at home, at camp, they have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and morning, afternoon tea, and supper before going to bed. All healthy, nutritional meals such as beans(high in protein), local Mopani worms, tripe, chicken feet, fish, and chicken with loads of vegetables. So to be able to cook a more European meal, on gas and not on an open fire is a real challenge PLUS, on top, there was load shedding so no power to see how the food was cooking.

There were camping competitions, as you can see from all the tents, structures, and gadgets that the kids made. See the photos below.

We were was also training adults on how to work with children aged 7-11yrs. With the education system and poverty in our area most adults as a child have never done colouring in, cutting out, or craft skills of any sort except weaving grass mats, or making beaded necklaces, etc. Although the latter is important, not having the creative skills to create craft activities as part of the project, especially by recycling is a real issue. So we teach the adults how to make different crafts, and how to be creative with different games for different purposes. The picture below shows some examples of simple cost effective crafts that the adults can reproduce in their Cub Packs.

All of this was possible because of you! We appreciate your support so much!

Thank you for putting so many smiles on so many faces!

God bless you