Sep 04

Transforming Lives through Scouting: The Impact of Keep The Dream 196

I want to thank you for all your care and support of the Children of Limpopo but particularly of Greater Tzaneen. You make what we do successful because of your financial support. It is scary to think of where we would be without you! To be quite honest, you have kept our hearts beating.

In fact, I know that you have helped us survive as an organization through very tumultuous times such as Covid and the many Community crises’ we have faced such as political riots, burning down of community infrastructure, travel disruptions caused by rioting and demonstrations, seasons when we weren’t able to go to the communities because it was too dangerous. You have done that.

Through your support we have also grown and added more staff for the projects we have implemented. We have been able to address core structural issues such as poverty by using Asset Based Community Development Approach. Together we are changing the face of families and communities as well as individuals and I am very proud of the work we doing and the impact we are achieving together.

In the future, this year, we will be addressing Rights Violations particularly that of the lack of Child Participation within families, schools and communities. We have formulated our Implementation Plan, and are currently honing our Monitoring and Evaluation Plan so that we make sure what we are planning will be effective and produce the outcomes and impact we are seeking.

I hope you will continue to read the reports and comment as you do on anything interesting or what you would like to read more about.

Thank you once again



My name is Tsundzukani, I live in a village called Myakayaka, I joined KTD196 scouting in 2010 when I was 5 years old I was doing grade R, they called us cubs.

But I stopped going to scouts for about 3 years, I didn’t leave scouts but I was taking a break and in 2014 I was 9 years old I went back to scouting movement because I was matured and I knew what I wanted in life.

Before joining scouts, I was rude and mean, but I was respectful to adults, I used to bully my cousins and my classmates at school, but now I am thankful for everything that my teachers at scouts did to help me to change the way I was behaving.

An interesting thing about scouts is that, what we learn in scouts is what we sometimes learn at school, so I didn’t struggle at school, I never failed a grade at school because of scouts and also I enjoy camping and hiking.

Scouts helped me how to be independent in life because in Scouts we do things individually you can ask someone who is more advanced than you but he/she cannot do that work for you so Scouts taught me that. With scouting I learnt how to be a leader I have gained leadership skills.

So now I am glad that I meet Keep The Dream 196, it made a huge difference in my life I also thank for the support of the parents that supported us throughout this journey because it takes a village to raise a child.

To parents who are denying their children to go to scouts, I am saying this to you now, please allow them to come to scouts because your children will learn how to be leaders of our country in the future, start now.

I have just finished my Springbok award. I decided to build a community garden in my village which is very poor, I used to go to sleep with my stomach growling because we never had enough food. Since joining scouts and doing food gardens, we were never hungry. I wanted other children to have full stomachs as well. So my patrol and me, we built a community garden so everyone could eat if they were hungry.

I would commit everything that I do I will do it with truth and help people every day. I am the first Springbok in my troop to succeed and I am happy I will be able to help other children to succeed as I have. I will work hard to motivate the upcoming Springboks to succeed as well. I am planning on going to University next year, I will work hard and succeed there as well.

I would like to thank you for the support of Keep The Dream 196 and the support that they have shown throughout my scouting journey.