Sep 04

Transforming Lives: The Impact of Your Support on Mkhondle and Many Others

Thank you so much for supporting the children we serve, thank you for making such a huge difference and giving kids a chance to shine.

Mkhondle is just one of 1,000’s of children who have changed their trajectory in life, chosen to make a change, become focussed on his future and to work towards that future.

Mkhondle in his own words below in the video, shares about his life honestly and openly about being a thief, about being a child who was interested in the future but in the here and now. He shares about the influence KTD196 has had in his life for 10years. What he doesn’t share is that he loves children and has earned his pack helpers badge, which you can see on his shirt in the first photo.

I am so proud of Mkhondle and who he has become as a young man. He has achieved the Springbok Award, but also he is now studying Pharmacy at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg. He wants to serve people and help them. Many people still do not believe in Germ Theory, that germs are responsible for sickness. In this traditional area, people believe they have been cursed by witchcraft. What this means is that people don’t complete antibiotic courses, or they will throw their medications away if they don’t work within a day or two and go to the Inunga (witch doctor) for treatment, especially for HIV. This is one of the reasons why HIV is so prevalent in South Africa, people still believe it is caused by curses and not unprotected sex with a person who is HIV positive.

Mkhondle is a good example of the impact of the work you support. Thank you once again on behalf of the children