Jun 01

Transforming Challenges into Triumphs: Inspiring Journeys of Resilience at KTD196

Avuxeni, Minjani, Um Fekile Minjane!

I hope you are well and enjoying all that life presents to you! So often we are presented with situations in life than can build us, or have the potential to break us. We have the choice how we respond to difficulties, if what comes to us is going to be a stumbling block or a stepping stone into our futures.

I have learnt that whatever it is that comes at us, inevitably neutral but our responses to the different issues will determine how toxic, or helpful, it is in our lives. Let me explain!

As you can imagine, leading an organization filled with different people, from different people groups, with different personalities, from various backgrounds, in a foreign land can be fraught with many challenges. When things go well, harmony is created. When there are issues, regardless as to the source ie personalities, differing priorities, funding constraints etc. It is easy to fall back into patterns of behaviour which are not necessarily productive.

It can be easy to identify the problem as a person and not to deal with the core issues. With KTD196 staff and the work we do with the children, we are all challenged to work on the problem and to use the situation, whatever it may be, as an opportunity for growth, for personal change, for learning.

That is why I love our children’s program!

Despite all the work we do, so often, we cannot change their lived experience immediately ie the poverty, the racism, the abuse, the structural inequalities they are subjected, but we can help them see these issues as stepping stones for them to move forward and not be defined by them but rather use these situations to look at what they have achieved despite where they come from, despite what they have lived with, despite all the negativity associated with their experiences and to use this to propel themselves further in their lives.

Don’t get me wrong, we as KTD196, with your help, are working on changing the levels of poverty, racism, and abuse experienced, it is all a process and often generational changes need to be made for lasting impact however teaching kids to be overcomers, to be victorious and not victims is so important. Yes, our kids earn badges for different skills developed but the soft skills like self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence are so important and THAT we go to work on immediately a child comes to our children’s program.

The children’s program is such a source of hope! We use it as a vehicle to gain access to the families of the children. From there, we use the Self Help Groups as a vehicle to gain broader access to the communities. We are changing attitudes of helplessness and despair to hope and joy about the future. You are a part of our success, your support enables this to happen. You have read the stories about our youth and our parents and how such a simple investment in them as people has had such a dramatic effect on their circumstances. It is so thrilling to watch and see.

The kids often challenge me! When I go through personal issues, it is easy to fall back into old patterns of behaviour and become overwhelmed by circumstances. But then I stop and look to one of my many hero’s, Sharmaine, Nkoka, Harry, Karabo, Nozizwe, Hlulani or Ronny and realise how they have overcome huge personal issues and become the amazing people they are today and I am inspired to dig deeper, and once again make a decision to use the present issue as a stepping stone to move forward. Attitude is so important; they help me to thrive in an often inhospitable place.

To hear their stories please go to the link below.

So I will ask again, how are you enjoying all that life presents to you!

Blessings Louise