Nov 15

Transformative Generational Healing Unveiled

Thank you so much for the way in which you support KTD196. Many of you are not just donating but contacting me and sharing and your concerns, questions and prayers with KTD196. It is precisely because of this support, I believe, that we are where we are today! Your interest, your enthusiasm, your collaboration and your generosity continues to enable us to do our best and give of our best. You are AWESOME!

I want to share what happened last week when I went to a training called Journey of Life. We asked for 20parents to attend the training, unbeknown to us, word had spread how powerful this training is and instead of 20 parents we had 44 women, all desperate for a change in their families. It was amazing, I think for the first time we had a Great Grandmother, Grand Mother, Mother and Daughter, all in the same training.

The training uses past lived experiences of the participants, who identify the road blocks they experienced growing up and what helped them get past those road blocks and then translate that knowledge on to their own children. Frequently the participants realise they are the road blocks to their own children’s development.

What was very powerful about this particular training was the Mother shared about the road blocks she experienced from her mother who was also attending the training. How her mother demanded she care for her siblings from a young age, how the mother demanded all the chores be done, water collected, fire wood gathered as well cooking for the family, and the repercussions if things were not done to her satisfaction included beatings, all of this while trying to complete homework. This Mother was determined that she would not repeat the damage done to her, on her daughter.

The daughter of this lady stood up and shared how loved and cared for she felt, that yes she helped out with the family’s chores but they were not her sole responsibility. The daughter shared how different her life had been and how important it was for children to be allowed to be children.

Next the Grandmother stood and said that she treated her daughter that way because that was what her mother had done to her.

Finally, the Great Grandmother stood up in front of the whole training group and repented publically for hurting her daughter and by default her granddaughter. There was not a dry eye in the group as others also confessed and repented for the abuse they had perpetuated generationally throughout the years. The revelation that there was a better way, a kinder and more loving way dawned on all of these ladies. They were changed in the 3days it took for the training to occur. Radically and forever changed.

One lady reported after the first day of training that when she called her children to talk to them (as part of the homework), they ran away because they thought they were in trouble. She had never spoken to them in any other manner and they thought they were going to get a beating.

This time 4 husbands came to the training to thank Elizabeth for changing their families and for bringing peace and hope!

You are a part of all of this. You are enabling us to run these trainings in conjunction with other donors. Thank you for being part of this amazing transformation for the children and for future generations.