Sep 27

The Heartfelt Impact of Your Support

YouTube Video – Trygive explaining about Lions in permaculture

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Avuxeni, Minjani, Umfekile Minjane!

I trust you are well and that were ever you are in the world that life is treating you kindly!

I want to thank you for being part of the solution to the huge problems facing our kids in Limpopo. You are really stars! I really appreciate you and your support every day. Thank you is such a minimalistic word to describe the impact you make through your gifts, but it is all I have. THANK YOU!

I want to tell you about an experience I had last week which really touched me! I was able to go travelling to Acornhoek where we have 2groups of kids, so in this very rural area. We have 2 cub packs and 2 scout troops plus a group of young rovers who are supporting the groups. One group meets at Trygive’s and Susan’s permaculture garden. They started this project because they noticed children were hungry, not receiving the nutrients they required to grow physically or mentally and so they started their garden project over 10yrs ago. I had heard of this amazing couple for years, they had heard of me for years, even though they had scouts which started 2yrs ago I had yet to make it their side to visit.

Well, I finally got there last week. It was wonderful to go around the garden and to meet with this couple and see the kids. I have put up a clip of Trygive explaining his form of farming and how he explains permaculture to adults and kids alike. The Lions he speaks of are the onions, they don’t need to have other complimentary plants with them to thrive where as others such as beetroot and spinach share the resources and the space by growing either underground or on top of the soil. I hope you enjoy the clip, he is so passionate about permaculture and what he has achieved for the children.

Anyway, I went to the area where I saw the scouts, and one child burst into tears, came running up to me and hugged me saying in language, she never thought she would see me again and she was so happy. She had come to camp 3yrs ago prior to covid, and apparently I really touched her heart, just by being open and willing to hug. Some of these kids don’t get that sort of attention from their parents.

Well she couldn’t contain herself she was so overjoyed. In fact, she so overwhelmed me, I didn’t take any photos of her and myself to show you. The work that we do, just by being here is phenomenal. I was humbled by her reaction. On the long journey home, I started to reflect on the impact one face to face had one child. One instance of caring and how it sustained her for 3yrs. Don’t get me wrong, she loves scouts and gets her emotional tanks topped up there, but that contact was just so powerful it changed her trajectory in life.

Not just one child, I was struck by the two youth leaders Brilliant and Theonelle, both were leading the cubs and scouts, both were sharing their skills and hearts with the children. Both had caught the vision of the Children’s Project and were empowering the children to take up the life style of dedication and commitment to others. I was very proud to see the next generation training the generation coming. I can see that the future of these children is secure.

The more we grow the more we can impact the lives of more children for the future. YOU are a part of this transformation. Thank you also for responding to the call for the Little x Little campaign last week, we are making a huge difference.

Just a bit of housekeeping, we have updated our website again, according to the experts ours was not conducive to encourage people to support us. The “SOE’s” were not effective, there were no landing pages, there was a whole lot of other issues which apparently reduced the effectiveness of the site, including too much colour, which I personally love.

So, head on over to the new site, let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you. We are trying to find new ways to share our impact and get our stories out there.

Thank you once again for being part of this community and for supporting the children, you are awesome.