May 03

SHG & Children’s Group Synergy

What an exciting time it is to see how our Children’s Groups are growing and also how our Self Help Groups are growing. We are now entering a time of synergy, where we are introducing the Children’s Program to the SHG’s and requesting their children join the Children’s Program. We are also asking for volunteers from among the parents so that the program will not be dependent on KTD196. The parents are loving our Children’s Program.

We are also establishing SHG’s where we only have the Children’s Program, this way parents will be able to assist with the children’s groups, and volunteer as well. It is exciting stuff.

Last week I spoke about KTD196 recently hosting the Southern African regional manager for SHG development, but what I didn’t share was that the relationships we now have with the Traditional Leaders, due to the Children’s Program and the SHG Project, are flourishing and we are being given priority over other NGO’s working in the area.

KTD196 is being included in the Traditional Leaders monthly meetings to give report backs about our activities, successes and challenges, and the leaders are so keen to have us in their villages, they are now actively assisting us, which is a huge change. No longer are we recipients of benign indifference (because Children are not really culturally “important” and neither is an organization which works with them), rather we are actively being sort out for advice and guidance in matters related to children. Induna’s (Village Leaders) are wanting us in every village, which is stretching but exciting.

If you get a chance check out the Map I posted for Greater Tzaneen and you can see how many villages are potential targets for the program but also the expanse we currently cover is circled in blue. The pink circle is where the current SHG program is focussed. Sadly, the map is not great quality but you get the idea. Officially there are 125 villages in Greater Tzaneen but that does not include some of the informal settlements where we work.

There is still a lot of work to be done. Obviously budgeting for this increase demand was unexpected. The success and synergy of both programs working together plus the increase in engagement with the Traditional Leaders has necessitated a rethink about priorities this year. Understandably growth and development needs to be thoroughly investigated and costed however it is through GG and your support we are able to cautiously say YES!

We currently have 720 families involved in the SHG program. These women are all caring for multiple children and are becoming financially independent, this means the children will have what they need physically to grow and develop mentally, biologically, emotionally etc. Mothers will no longer be as stressed about financial issues such as where will the families next meal come from.

Currently we have approximately 50 groups in 50 different villages in Greater Tzaneen which include 1,400 children in the Children’s Program, we are still recovering our numbers slowly from Covid. Sadly, many supportive teachers and principals passed away during Covid and the Dept. of Education’s reluctance to reopen their doors to KTD196 has been problematic but with increased support from the Traditional Leaders and the parents this should change throughout the course of 2023.

We also work into 5 other districts through our partners.

If you would like to support us on a regular basis through a monthly donation please go to the link below, any amount every month makes a huge difference. If you already donate on a monthly or regular basis, thank you. Your support enables us to continue so strongly for the sake of the kids.

Blessings to you and your family


ps I have attached a YouTube video of the ladies celebrating the formation of the CLA (Cluster Level). They are singing a gospel song about Noah and the flood, no longer will they be subjected to the flood of poverty, thanks to your support.

The Future is becoming brighter through synergy