Dec 14

SHG Celebration Day

What an amazing day of celebration we had on the 8th of December! Nearly 300 women came together to PARTY, and the atmosphere was carnival like as the joy, happiness and pleasure of being together and celebrating was lifting the roof of the venue. The ladies were celebrating their financial freedom; they are all part of the Self Help Group (SHG) project. They all took such pride paying for themselves, their transport and their food. Many for the first time tried Kentucky Fried Chicken! Now that is a huge thing for the ladies, a majority have never eaten such fancy food, it is a sign of opulence and wealth to have tasted KFC in the village areas.

We had dance offs, 15 or so groups danced their traditional Xitsonga dances in full regalia, (check out the link below), we had skits, we had songs, the venue was alive with joy and merriment. The ladies looked stunning in their culture dress and it was such fun.

The whole event was a culmination of 12months of hard slog for the ladies. Another wonderful part of the celebration was the fact the Mopani District Chairperson for Sports, Arts and Culture was also present, the ladies who are the poorest of the poor had the confidence to invite a member of the government to come and celebrate and she was blown away by their stories of success which were shared.

This project has been supported by you! You can take credit for the dramatic changes in the lives, and changes being experienced by these ladies.

Yes, financially the ladies are becoming more secure and their families are also become more financially secure and there is a future with hope BUT the impact on the ladies as individuals, the personality changes that are happening is phenomenal to watch. These ladies who have been discounted and discarded because they were poor and literally wretched, without hope, without the ability to change their destinies now they have hope and a future because of you and your gifts to KTD196!

The improvements in their lives of course flows through to the children! Did you know KTD196 has:

52 SHG Groups
893 Women and Families are represented
2,365 children are supported by these ladies added with our Children’s Program that means together you and KTD196 are supporting 3,879 Children!
We are bringing hope to the hopeless, care and support to those desperately in need. What a mighty blessing you are bestowing on the people we serve! You should feel very proud!

Thank you so much for your support!