Jul 10

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Scout Camps at Faerie Glen

By taking kids out of their usual environment and introducing them to the beautiful surrounds at Fairie Glen they appreciate nature and if lucky get to see wildlife such as hippo’s, bush buck, porcupine, bush pig, genet, baboons and the like. The villages are devoid of most wild life which has been replaced with domestic animals such as dogs, cows, chickens and pigs. So this experience serves for a life time of memories.

As part of the overall camp we had 38 Scouts attend PLTC (Patrol Leaders Training Course), during this time, the Scouts were taught leadership skills and team work skills. They were set tasks and had to work as a team to develop their camp sites, to bring their campsites up to standard. They also had various emergency scenarios they had to navigate while learning how to instruct their team in a variety of different activities from hiking, to cooking, planning a bonfire evening and activities throughout the day and night.

The Scouts who attended have all been trained as Patrol Leaders or Assistant Patrol Leaders so they can go back to their troops and implement the knowledge they have, thus we have created cascade learning, a cheap and effective way of empowering the children to be leaders and to implement that learning on their patrols back home, there by maximising your investment.

We use cascade learning throughout the work we do. It improves our effectiveness and reach and it builds up local troop knowledge as well as the local leaders of the future. All of which feeds into our motto “Building Tomorrow Today”!

Thank you, your support has enabled this camp to happen, your support paid for transport, venue, food and all the training. The children contributed the equivalent of $4per day as KTD196 we feel it is important that the children also give towards the activities. There were some children who could not, yet, afford the $4 but through the SHG program growing, that will change in the near future.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and please drop us a line on our website so that we can encourage the children with your comments. The front row of the first picture are KTD196 staff and Rovers who are actively involved in giving back to the youth, it is so exciting to see!