Jun 10

Nyiko Story

My name is Nyiko and I am 10 years old. I started scouts in 2018 I am from Sedan village.

Before I joined scouts I was a naughty disrespectful boy, I used to steal people’s things and I did not know how to play with other children I would beat them every time when we are all together in the playground and I would bully them and make funny jokes about them. At school, my teachers were always complaining because I was always making noise in class and disturb their lessons.

Since joining scouts, I am now a very respectful person and I no longer bully other children I have change because of KTD196 scouts. They teach us to love everyone and make friends and behave well around anyone and keep your promise to yourself and your duty to others in return for good.

What do you enjoy about scouts? Playing games, having fun while learning important issues in our lives. In addition, how we can protect our planet we draw awesome pictures and paint them with lovely rainbow colors.

What have you learned since joining scouts? I have learn to respect everyone no matter their age and to listen when they teach us at school or at home, play with other children in a good manner and we learned how to purify water for clean drinking water and how to take care of our planet and to love ourselves.

What do you want to do in future and why? I want become a lawyer because we need justice in the community and protection and law enforcement when it comes to women and children’s rights many are still suffering due to lack of no one to take a stand for them or hear their voice.

Why are you still in scouts? Am learning more about life and my future, it inspires me to be a good example to other children and am reaching my dreams for a better future because of scouts.

My mum helped me write this letter.

Thank you mumma