Oct 04

Looking forward to Camp

Avuxeni (Said AVUSHENEE)

Two weeks ago I spoke about KTD196 plans for the next 5yrs of being intentionally focussed on reducing abuse experienced by the children initially in our program, and then towards other children not yet in our program.

This week we are going to camp, we are going to have 2 camps of 40children, and we will be training the kids in monitoring and assessing the current status of their families, schools and communities in relation in Children’s Rights in particular Child Participation. These two camps will create a base line; we already know from the Children’s Rights Situational Analysis (CRSA) we performed in 2022, but this will specifically inform our monitoring tools.

What I love about camp is that we get to spend intensive time with the kids, really touch base for extended periods of time and, of course, have fun.

Don’t underestimate the power of fun, play builds a child in so many areas and in so many ways.

  • Stimulates early brain development
  • Improves intelligence
  • Sparks creative thinking
  • Improves communication, vocabulary, and language
  • Promotes impulse control and emotion regulation
  • Growth in social competence and empathy
  • Better physical and mental health
  • Fosters creativity and curiosity

All of which immunizes the child against self-harm which constitutes 21.5% of all deaths in children in South Africa.

As we roll out our other interventions such as Journey of Life training with the parents we are already seeing wonderful changes amongst the ladies, these changes are being felt in the families already, later this year we will be meeting with the mums and the children and confirming the longevity of the changes on the families. It is so exciting.

I am looking forward to sharing more about the what the children report and learn this week. THANK You for making this possible. Your support enables us to comprehensively address these issues and bring lasting change.

On behalf of the next generations we are influencing, THANK YOU!