Sep 04

Impacting Foreign Volunteers such as Elizabeth.

One of the many reasons I love my job is because I get to meet people from all over the world and share the work I do with them, touch them in ways that they are forever changed. I love that aspect, stretching people to not only believe they can be the best version of themselves but also to make a plan to become that version.

On the 10th May 2023 you met Derryck and today you will meet Elizabeth, another Tear Fund Volunteer who was greatly impacted by the work we do and who still stays in touch, on occasion, who has such a big heart (to match her smile) for children. She was infectious. From KTD196, she realised she wanted to teach and went back to London and finished her Post Graduate Degree in Education.

She ran with her opportunities.

I hope you are inspired by her story and the impact KTD196 and our children had on Elizabeth.

Blessings to you and thank you for being our partner on this journey called life!


From September to December 2017, I had the privilege of volunteering with ‘Keep The Dream 196’ on the ICS program. The program was delivered by Tearfund who partnered with Zoë-Life and together I as well as other volunteers got the chance to volunteer in South Africa for 3 months.

During my time in Limpopo, I volunteered in a team which consisted of 3 UK volunteers and 4 South African volunteers. We still regularly keep in contact and I am thankful for the friendships made in South Africa. I was able to work alongside the staff of KTD196 and I was inspired by the great work they do for children and vulnerable orphans in their community. KTD 196 are a cubs and scouts movement which aims to build young people from the ages of 5 to 26 years to be resilient and respectful.

My role was to lead games and deliver some of the sessions to the children and young adults that came to the weekly sessions at various different communities in Limpopo. I was able to motivate and inspire those that came to be educated, socially conscious young people, who want to make a change in their community. 

During my time in Limpopo, my team and I worked on 3 main projects, the last of which was a ‘Christmas Leaders’ Recognition Event.’ We had a memorable time and it was a pleasure to wrap up gifts for the children such as pens, exercise books and toiletries. The children appreciated the party that my team and I organised and were very appreciative of the gifts- as well as a surprise visit from Santa!

Five years later, I am still impacted by my experience overseas as it has opened my eyes to a world much bigger than London. I am currently training as a secondary school Maths teacher and volunteering with KTD196 as well as Tinghitsi School and Mohlaba crèche has made me more passionate about quality education. The adults, friends and children I met in South Africa valued and appreciated so much which was truly humbling to see.

Children and young adults who might be young carers for family members or suffering a loss in the family (just to name a few,) are given an hour or two a week as respite to take mind off their other commitments and just have some fun with their age mates.

When I came back home to London, I managed to raise some money to support the great work KTD196 are doing in Limpopo by setting up a JustGiving page as well as selling cupcakes and brownies after church. I am very thankful for the life changing experience I had in South Africa and it is one that I’ll never forget.

Currently, 2023 I am a maths teacher to years 8,9,10 &11, in Barking and Dagenham High School, London I am also head of year, so that means I manage 360 students that I am responsible for including a pastoral role, as well as teaching maths, discipline of those students, and finally working with the students to resolve any issues between them, other students and parents. Its a huge job but I know that my time in South Africa has massively shaped my life.

I wish KTD196 all the best as they continue to do such a hard job. Thank you for helping them make such a difference