Nov 06


As you are probably already aware, #GivingTuesday is coming! Before I joined Global Giving as an organization and as a donor, I had never heard of Giving Tuesday! It was a phenomenon that came about, from what I understand, as a philanthropic reaction to the hedonism which has come through Black Friday and Christmas periods. #GivingTuesday is a way to give back, a way to look past ourselves and look to others (which to me is the original purpose of Christmas)!

So I wanted to discuss quickly #GivingTuesday which is happening on the 28th November 2023 through Global Giving. It will start at 00.01am Eastern Standard Time (EST) and travel around the world. So for South African Supporters the opening time to receive gifts is after 10.00am South African Time. For those in Australia, Adelaide time it will be after 6.30pm on the 28th of November for us!

Don’t worry, I will send reminders!

Why is this important? Well for you who need to offset your tax burden, this is great way to ease that weight by donating and claiming back your gift. For those who don’t know what to give for Christmas presents, gift cards to that person who has everything while supporting people who often don’t have very much is a wonderful way to balance the scales. With all the pressure of the holidays and battling to find that perfect gift, this is a wonderful way to beat the multinational conglomerates and make a difference in a child’s life.

For KTD196, you will help us reach our fundraising targets! Simply put, we need you! We have a number of plans next year which we need you to contribute to for us to succeed, for example:

  • We will be increasing our number of Self Help Groups (SHG) yes this program is funded however there are shortfalls.
  • The children’s program – once again this program is partially funded but there are major shortfalls
  • We want to increase the number of children’s groups by linking comprehensively with the SHG project. SHG currently has 52groups only a handful of which currently have a children’s program alongside.
  • We want to open Meerkats groups (5-7yrs) with a target of 20 for next year, this project is not funded at all.

As you can see we have very definite plans, we need your support.

Every donation will be matched by Global Giving on the day! We average around 30% match, so your gift becomes a 3rd more for the children, which is awesome. There is however a limit of matching donations to the value of $1.2million USD, this means that the sooner you give the greater the guarantee that your gift will be matched!

Don’t worry, if you miss the day there is still the rest of the year in way of giving. If you choose to start a monthly donation, Global Giving will match it 100% after the first 3donations up to $200. So it is a win-win for all.

Most of all you will be supporting the children we serve. Our numbers are growing, which is so exciting, your support will help us meet the demand. More and more we are invited into different villages to share the work we do.

I AM SO EXCITED! Can you feel it?

Thank you in advance