Jun 12

From Adversity to Empowerment: The Inspiring Journey of CLA Women

Avuxeni, Minjane!

Today I want to share about the CLA in particular, yes I know I shared about them last week but I wanted share some of their stories to give you a broader understanding, rather than just seeing pictures of the ladies and thinking everything is roses, they don’t need support.

Yesterday, I went out to meet with the ladies from the CLA (Cluster Level Association). We met in the sun at one of my staff’s home as she had the chairs required to seat 20 ladies. Of the 20 ladies expected only 19 attended, one was too sick, with bad flu. Of the 19 who attended, 6 had bad flu, but still their determination to be there and get the job done was evident. Despite how unwell, they came, that was their dedication to the SHG process.

Of the 19 who attended, all had thriving small businesses. All were making every day count. They were taking control of their financial futures, because of you!

Physically, all of the ladies are much stronger, much healthier, and their diets now have the required protein rather than just stomach filling carbohydrates such as bread and pap (a maize corn which is made up to either porridge of mash potato consistency. In Limpopo 1:4 people have HIV, not that you would know because through SHG, everyone is eating well which enables the Anti Retro Viral’s to work effectively.

Emotionally, over 70% had attended Journey of Life training, and the ladies spoke about the impact of the training on their families and how their attitudes had changed towards their children and what a wonderful difference that had made to the peace and joy in their homes, the ladies who had not yet attended were demanding they be next! The ladies, believe the financial stability that SHG has brought, and the training they have received has all contributed to lifting them emotionally, they no longer are drained but empowered, and have hope for the future.

Spiritually, they are thanking God for you, your support, for the SHGA (Self Help Group Approach), and for KTD196. I have added a link to a video taken yesterday of them singing and praising God, for you and because of you! All of this has a direct impact on the children, they see their parents happier, the stress levels in the home are massively reduced, the kids are happy that their adults are happy and parents are happy that their kids are happy.

Your donation has such far reaching impact, together we are changing communities. Thank you for being a part of my DREAM! You are such a blessing.

Thank you