Apr 04

Finding Purpose and Confidence Through Scouting: Charleen’s Journey

Thank you for all you do and all of your support, you really are very special to us at KTD196 and the kids, they know about your support and are very grateful.

I hope you are all well and powering on.



My name is Charleen and I’m a sixteen years’ old who’s doing grade 11. I’m from Petanenge village based in Limpopo. I joined Scout on 2017 in primary school, at that time I was 10 years of age started by being in the first level which was called Cub

I came to scouts in order to gain more knowledge based on what I love because scouts is mostly about nature and teaching youngsters to survive in nature and to become one with it… because I love nature and also to learn something new which will expand my knowledge that’s how adventurous I am.

Before I joined scout I was not a very talkative person back then, I was the shyest person in my family who had always been aggressive and not interested in any activities that can keep your busy as a child, but what I loved the most was to go and pick-up some woods on the mountain with my siblings and my grandmother for the fire.

I think what made me the most to be aggressive was because I really didn’t get the father’s love, but that made me to have a big bond with my Grandmom and Granddad. They both played the role of parenting and also my mother who was always there for me and my siblings.

Scouts had made me love nature to the fullest and also to respect what the nature has given us… it taught to me to live with animals and that not all the animals want to harm us unless if you’ve scared them… It also taught me to be responsible for my surroundings and how to help one another with the aim and willingness to help and not expect a thing in return, and that in each and every challenge that I come through I will thrive to the end if I don’t and just sit back and give up. If there is nothing that will change a situation but to change is to continue pushing with your chin up and let the situation change me positively.

When I leave school I want to further up my educations at the University of Johannesburg where I will study DATA SCIENCE. I also want to fulfil my desire of being a model.

To all of the people who give their support to KTD196 thank you for your endless support which keeps us going whenever we wanna back out but it is not easy because your support keeps us going cause your like cheer leaders who influence us to not give up on this journey by that I say THANK YOU so much for helping me.