Mar 04

Expanding Horizons Through New Scout Groups and Transformative Training

This week I want to share about the new groups we are opening. During the beginning of February, we held a training for 23 new leaders in our project. We spent 3 long days inducting them into the Children’s Project, not just the practical skills they need but also the policy information required ie Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct for Adult Volunteers, and the Safe from Harm Policy. We need to inform all new volunteers what is appropriate and what is not acceptable in terms of behaviour with the children.

Already we have our first Meerkat Den (children aged between 5-7yrs); we have 2 more Cub Packs (children aged between 7-11yrs) and 2 more Scout Troops (11-18yrs)! The numbers have now increased by 150 children with four trainees alone. It is the end of the month and so we have not received all our reports as yet but I am so excited I just wanted to share the good news about the impact of the training.

AND, You subsidized this training. Where possible we ask for donations for food, transport, venue and from participants attending but that is not always possible so what ever short fall, your support sponsors that. You enable us to reach more kids.

We had 19members from the SHG groups also participate and are starting up new groups or bolstering old groups. By supporting the SHG groups, we are transforming not just the family’s livelihoods but also the future through the children’s program. The synergy is just wonderful.

Below is a story from one of our girls, just so you can hear from them directly as to the impact of your support.

Thank you so much




My name is Tsholofelo, I was born and raised in Johannesburg in Protea Glen Ext 3. When I was 11, I moved to Limpopo (Myakayaka).

I used to see other kids passing by my street on Fridays around 2pm, and I would ask myself where they are going after seeing them wearing khaki shirts. One day, I saw Dzunisani passing by and I asked her where they are going and what is it that they do there actually. She then explained to me about scouts.

Scouts was a place to make friends and being new to Myakayaka I needed to make good friends. Scouts was also a place to learn new things, meet new people, grow as a person and to help people in the community. Also they went camping, I had never been camping and was excited about that. They also learnt first aid, gardening, leadership skills, all new to me.

I was interested in all this and I told them to wait for me next week.

Before joining scouts, I was a stubborn, greedy, and selfish little girl. I didn’t consider other people’s feelings before doing something. I was always in denial.

But at scouts, they taught us to be kind to others and be useful and help others all the time. That’s when I realized that sharing is caring. I find scouts interesting because you get the chance to explore, learn many things, and at the end of the day, you have a lot of knowledge. You meet new people and you get time to learn how to socialize, and this can make your circle big.

You get to meditate and know yourself and what you’re good at somehow. I am now thrifty and kind. The ten laws of scouting can be viewed as orders from the leader, and we must be ready to implement them at all times. When we make a promise, we must fulfil it. We must also work to form friendships in order to maintain the fourth scout law.

So in scouting, the scout not only gets his/her daily orders, but he also gets his standing orders, such as keeping the scout promise and complying with the ten scout laws.

I want to be a teacher when I leave school and make my family, community, and my scout members proud of me.

KTD196 scouts program has helped a lot of people. I am grateful to be one of them, thank you for supporting KTD196 and us. We won’t let you down.

Thank you.