May 22

Empowering Young Lives: The Joy of Scouts and the Impact of Your Donations

Thank you for being such an important part of the work we do, everything we do has your involvement through the donations we receive. Your gift goes such a long way, it really does!

This week I want to speak about the joy and excitement when we run camps during the school holidays. Already, I can feel the tension growing, already the kids are preoccupied with all the scout badges they want to earn. It is a chance for the kids to show case their skills they have learnt throughout the year so far.

The Scout Badges are an intrical part of their excitement! Each camp, the children learn new skills and of course new Scout Badges to put on their uniforms and show off their newly found expertise. The children are so proud of their scout shirts which become very colourful with their badges.

Scouts South Africa have partnered with KTD196 and therefore we implement Scouts on their behalf in Limpopo Province. We use Scouts as a vehicle to get to the kids and then by default the families. Then on top we work with their mothers/caregivers to influence the families and then communities. The synergy is fantastic.

We utilize the Scouts Promise as the standard for investment into Scouting. We wait until the children can show sustained behaviour change before we invest the children. The Scout Promise and the Scout Law forms the basis of their behaviour and actions. We often see complete behaviour change which is sustained for years, within a 3month period. We check with the parents, the grandparents, their little brothers and sisters, and also their friends to ensure there has been a complete, sustained turnaround with their behaviour, before investing.

In fact, if the kids transgress the Scout Promise & Law, that is the standard held by the other scouts when the child has to attend a disciplinary, if it gets that far. Usually just being told by the patrol leader, of each small group, that your behaviour is not in keeping with the Scout Law & Promise, the kids quickly learn and change.

All of these changes in behaviour are in part due to your investment in the program. Your support enables us to run the groups, mentor, support, train and monitor the groups development. Your support also assists us in training the adult volunteers in the Scout Law and Promise, the Scout Program, how to earn Scout Badges, even how to award the Scout Badges as part of the over program. Your support enables KTD196 to train the volunteers to train the children, to run comprehensive, developmental programs which increase the child’s satisfaction levels in attending scouts but also to grow and develop into responsible young adults.

You do all of this! Thank you. You bring such joy, and fun to the lives of kids when honestly, with what these kids often face, there isn’t any joy or fun to be had. I always try and show you kids who are smiling and that is why the color run is so important, even though it is just for a morning, it is a highlight for the kids and they so look forward to the event. It is the same with camping, especially since the different courses last 3-4days, quite honestly, it is their highlight for the year! And you are responsible for that.

Thank you for partnering with KTD196, thank you also to those people who write emails, and tell me how happy they are with the work we do, and how encouraged they by reading the reports. Your gift is being utilized effectively and thoroughly.

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God bless