Sep 04

Empowering Dreams: Witnessing the Impact of Your Support on Young Lives

Each week I write these reports to keep you updated, to introduce you to some of the characters we work with, to inform you as to the impact your support makes and to see first-hand the changes the work we do has in life of the child which includes the ripple effect to the family and communities we serve.

Makungu was a cub for 5years, she has now been in scouts for 6yrs and is well on the way to being a Springbok Scout. I wanted to take you back to an interview I did with her back in 2019. The perseverance and determine from this child is wonderful to see, she is such a slight, unassuming teenager, who has such a big heart for others.

I hope you enjoy the video, as you listen please keep in mind, she has had to overcome hopelessness, despair, poverty, peer pressure etc to have a hope and a dream, which you have enabled. Her expectation when she turned 16 or 17yrs of age was to be a hobo (runaway), or a mother, instead she is a leader and in line to get her Springbok. Your support, through our program has saved Makungu from a life time of misery!

Your support has enabled this young woman to create her own destiny and to move past what is experienced in the village as normal. Thank you so much for walking out the journey with children like Makungu