Sep 04

Did you miss me?

Well, did you miss me? Or did you not even notice I was gone?

How often do people notice when you are not there?

This last few weeks I have been on sick leave.

Did you miss me?

Why am I repeating myself? Well, it got me thinking, what would happen if Keep The Dream196 was no longer around?

We would have, statistically speaking

  • 2,077 more children in South Africa. The government would be spending R47million more rand on child support grants alone, this year.
  • 2,077 more girls would struggle with completing their matriculation and going on to find work or further study.
  • Which means potentially 2,077 families would be dependent on the Child Support Grant alone. Not contributing to the tax base, not working towards the development of South Africa but taking from her resources.

Without Keep The Dream196 we would not see young people develop and grow with their eyes on supporting their families and communities to develop. We would still have a 62% matriculation pass rate and not the 92% we currently experience in the program.

Crime, well 70% of all children under the age of 18yrs are victims and/or perpetrators of crime. We have had one child in over 16,000 in 20yrs go through the courts. Not 70%. I wonder if KTD196 was not here, if those crimes would have touched your family, your neighbourhood, your community? Its and interesting thought, if we were not here!

Its only through your ongoing support we are able to do the work we do. Its only through your regular donation we are able to have the impact we are having.

Thank you for standing with us and making a difference in the lives of the children we serve.