Nov 28

Children’s Rights Situational Analysis

Greetings, I hope you are well.

This week I want to talk about the CRSA (Children’s Rights Situational Analysis) from the Community Leaders’ perspective. The community leaders included the traditional Induna’s or village chiefs, Ward Councillors, and other high-level officials within the communities where we operate.

The family is a microcosm of what happens in the villages. It is little wonder that the same attitude perfuses through the communities as in the family. Children do not have the capacity, children have no life experience, and it is disrespectful for KTD196 to even suggest they listen to the children. What is interesting though is that we do have the support of the Induna in preference to the other leaders, and also of the 3 Chiefs in the area.

It is so sad that these predominantly male leaders are actually obstructive rather than hearing us out, or the laws pertaining to child participation at all levels. However, we have developed ideas to address these issues and allow children’s voices to be heard. It will be a process over the next 5years. We also have prepared the children through their own participatory process within the groups to work together on addressing their issues, in their way. So the children are now used to working collaboratively with the adults to KTD196. This builds confidence for the next step…..

Working with children is amazing, adults……not so much! Starting this program in 2003, adults were deliberately obstructive, they wanted “Something” for allowing their kids to attend our children’s program. Now after almost 20years, we have parents contributing a small amount each year towards their children attending the program. They pay equivalent the equivalent of $3USD per year. Obviously, if there is no money we subsidize but the majority understand what we are achieving and are grateful for the impact on their children.

One of the strategies we are going to use is to establish JUNIOR VILLAGE COMMITTEES to start the ball rolling if after training the community leaders don’t want children attending their meetings. We also have some awareness campaigns planned to raise the issue of child participation within the communities. We also will be working with schools and parents directly. Fortunately, we have the law on our side so that will assist although we won’t use threats rather just explain how important participation is and that it is part of South Africa’s Constitution.

I hope you have found this interesting. I have attached the CRSA below if you are interested to understand more of the work we do.

Thank you for partnering with KTD196, and thank you for reading the reports I send out.

Thank you for helping us help the children of Limpopo Province, you are AWESOME!

Blessings to you