Sep 04

Changing Lives Through Partnership

Thank you for helping us to make such a difference in the lives of the people we serve. The impact that your gift is making to individuals, children, women, families and communities is really powerful. Together we are changing lives.

I want to speak about one of our partners we have been involved with for approximately 10years, Nali Bali. It is a National Non-Government Organization that is funded to roll out a literacy campaigns throughout South Africa and we are one of their partners who operate in Limpopo. We recommended a few mothers from our SHG groups and also a few of our Rovers (18-30yr age group) who were waiting to go to University because they were unable to find placement this year.

Some of our children from the Cubs and Scouts Program also attend these reading clubs to enhance their english language, their mother tongue language and their love for reading. Another synergistic program which meets the needs of the children.

Your support means we are not fixed just to certain projects, when opportunities arise like Nali Bali, we are able to give the participants interview skills, send people off for interviews (taxi fares), and assist with any support they may need throughout the project. Eleven people have been recommended by KTD196 and employed by Nali Bali. This will give them a work history, something for their resume, recommendation letters, and hopefully a career pathway after Nali Bali project funding is completed.

Most of all I love they PAY IT FORWARD FACTOR of the work we do. People like Nataly have very little but they have a heart to make a difference. That is what KTD196 is about for me, having a dream and drawing others along as you fuflill your dream, helping and changing others along the way!

You make this possible. These eleven families have financial relief; the eleven individuals have been given opportunities they would never have had without your support.




My name is Nataly, I am 38 years old. I have a two children, my son is 20yrs old and at University, my daughter is 5yrs old. I live with my mum in Myakayaka a very poor village. We don’t have running water, electricity, we have a pit toilet. We survive on my youngest child’s Child Support Grant of R500 a month ($27USD). My mother is too young for the pension yet. We some times have piece jobs where we do farming work to earn more money, but that is seasonal and not lasting.

I am involved in Nali Bali on Mondays and Thursdays with reading groups. And then on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I go to SHG groups. Nali Bali is a reading project to help get kids involved in reading and to learn to love reading to help them at school. SHG is for me! To help me. SHG opened the door to Nali Bali, I was recommended through KTD196 to Nali Bali to work with the children, I love it. I participate in both projects because I love it. I love to help people. I love to work and I love to help people. I love helping anybody’s.

SHG, I love it better today because it changed my life in this manner. I didn’t know how to plan my things, I didn’t know how to budget, I didn’t know how to plan, it made a big difference to me and my family, it just opened my mind and it helps me emotionally. I can feel that no no no sometimes people have been through the same problems as me, so I learn the best ways to help myself in situations when I thought there was no answer. So it helps me so much and with the SHG everybody’s starting to run a business and myself, I am selling eggs and yes, I am SUCCEEDING!

I am having a dream now thanks to KTD196. I like to volunteer. I want to help others; I feel so good about my life now.

Thank you for helping KTD196 help me!