May 16

Changing Lives, One Child at a Time: The Impact of Support and Commitment

Avuxeni, Minjani, Um Fekile Minjane!

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to meet amazing kids, that turn out to be AMAZING adults! If you have been with us for a while you will have met Sharmaine before. I have tracked her story since she joined us in 2013. Her journey is one which has really touched my heart, so many kids have such a tough a time in life, but with Sharmaine, to see her grow and developed over 11yrs in to a passionate, committed, young adult with such hope and zeal for the future and to see her invest back into the lives of other children is just so fulfilling.

I am extremely blessed because I am able to see behaviour change in children within 3months through our programs. With adults it takes much longer, having said that, with the Journey of Life training, we can see behaviour change by the following day as the parents report back on their homework of sharing with their children and asking them about their day. Every training we do is impactual, and we see real change, as we continue to work with other parents, they talk, we see the synergy and changes coming over time. It is so exciting. It brings me purpose, it brings me hope, it brings me a sense satisfaction to see all our hard work bear fruit.

Below I have also included a video which was created by Sharmaine when she had just started at the University studying teaching back in 2020.

Sharmaine is one of my hero’s, and before you ask, I have many, the kids we work with are amazing individuals who shine because they are given the opportunity through your support! You have enabled a quiet young girl to engage with her life, take ownership, create a dream, work towards that dream, and succeed and go further than any one thought possible initially. You are making a huge difference and that difference is being paid forward to others. This is what you have done through your donation. This is the impact we are having all because of you!


God bless you