Feb 01
Matriculation success stories | Ntshovelo Khosa

Celebrating Triumphs: Overcoming Adversity on the Journey to University

Last week I shared about our 100% pass rate with over 90% gaining Bachelor level entry to University and one with Diploma level entry to further education. Wonderfully and also sadly, they have all gone to find placement in Gauteng Universities and left the province. We wish them luck with their adventures, finding University placement is just the start, they then have to register for their classes, access their texts, find accommodation, relocate provinces, and orientate themselves to a new way of life. Not for the faint hearted.

I want you to appreciate the enormous challenges that these children/young adults have overcome to take their place at university. Only 55% of those who registered with the Department of Education in 2008 actually sat Matriculation. An attrition rate of almost 45%.

To pass Matric you have to score above 30%, that is the pass mark and 20.02% failed to achieve that score! So in fact the failure rate is not 20.02% but much higher given how many children fail to enter their matriculation year.

So once they run the gamut of 15yrs at government school, overcoming poorly resourced schools of which some are literally falling down around them, schools that may or may not have electricity (never mind computers), schools whose toilets are decaying pit latrines, no water, no library’s etc. You get the picture! And then the Teachers who are indifferent due to being beaten down by the system, desks that usually sit one child now have 2-3 at each table, just to name just a few obstacles, now they have finally made it and are facing a whole lot of new challenges associated with leaving home and going over 300kms away from their support structure and family!

As you can see, not for the faint hearted.

So you as supporters of these young people can be very proud of their achievements. This was made possible through your support. The skills we have been able to impart to them has had a direct impact on their achievements so far and they have you to thank!

Be PROUD, we are!



My name is Ntshovelo, and I’m a scout from 1st Sasekani. I joined scouts in 2014, starting as a cub, and in 2019, I became a scout. I come to scouts because it is a place where I grew up from since I was 7 years old. It has also helped me make new friends and become a good person.

Additionally, it has helped me develop self-confidence, learn life skills, and develop a desire to make the world a better place. Scouts has also helped me develop excellent leadership skills and achieve my full potential.

Before joining scouts, I was just a normal person, but maybe it’s because I joined scouts at a young age and lived by their rules that it has changed me to be a better person today.

When I leave school, I want to become a cardiologist and help people suffering from heart disease and any other heart-related illnesses. I have had to watch my granny struggle for years with a heart problem and I want to help others so they dont have to feel so helpless.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported KTD196. We are incredibly grateful for your support and commitment through KTD196. Your patronage motivates us to keep improving. Thank you for being a part of us, as without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Love Ntshovelo