Feb 09

Avuxeni, Minjani?

Avuxeni, Minjani? Umfekile minjani! (Greetings, how are you? I am well!)

Your support is so appreciated! I thought it would be worthwhile just to go over some of the results from 2022 so that you can see the impact of your support on those we work with.

Every year we have a few different indicators that we use to see the impact of our program, some are very broad and some are very narrow and related to just the children’s program, which won’t mean too much to most people unless you know about Scouts.

They are

  1. Matriculation rates
  2. Pregnancy rates
  3. Suicide rates

So let’s delve in!

We had 9 Students sit their Matriculation in 2022. I am pleased to report that all 9 Students passed. 4 with Bachelor’s entry to University and 5 with Diploma. Those students who received a Diploma are going back this year to improve their marks so they too can gain entry to University. Mkhondli, one of the boys, received 4 high distinctions which is a wonderful achievement. You have met Mkhondli in past reports.

So KTD196 had a 100% Matriculation pass rate, just to put it in perspective, the Limpopo Department of Education had a 72% pass rate. Over the course of 14 years, which is when we started having matriculants, we have achieved an average of 92% pass rate, the Department of Education’s average over the same time period is 65%. Your support is having long-term effects on the futures of our children.

Pregnancy rates have skyrocketed during the covid years, in 2021 the Gauteng Department of Health recorded an increase to 20% of all school-going children having become pregnant. This is devastating not just for the mothers but also for the children born by children. It is so dangerous for both, 65% of all deaths that occur to young people are attributed to maternal or neonatal complications.  The incidence of HIV amongst 15-24years old girls is the highest in the country, especially in rural areas, and approximately 22% of all females in this age group have this chronic illness.

I am pleased to report with over 600 girls of childbearing age (over 12 years and under 18yrs) we have had no pregnancies in the last 12 months, in fact for the last 4 years we have not had a pregnant girl. We actively promote taking hold of your DREAMS and avoiding all activities which would hijack that dream, to all our children. That is only possible due to your support. Since we started in 2003 we have had 12 girls pregnant instead of the potential 2,000+ pregnancies, we have saved the lives of both mother and child, saved the children and others from chronic illnesses associated with being too young to have babies, and we have saved futures, because of your support.

The children have hope, they have focus, they have dreams that they are working towards and not just aimlessly plodding through life. This is also reflected in the 3rd indicator. Since 2003, with over 17,000 children who have gone through our program, we have not had a single suicide. With a national suicide rate of 12.9% prior to the covid years (sadly, I cannot find more up-to-date statistics because I do believe it is much higher), we have had NO SUICIDES! That is the power of your support!

I just want you to feel as excited by the work we do and the impact we have as I do! Your support, you donations, gifts, corporate gifts, bequeaths, your gift is so much more to us. Together we are saving lives. Together we are enabling the children of today to have futures. We are BUILDING TOMORROW TODAY!

You are doing this. Thank you just doesn’t cut it.


Blessings to you and your families

Be inspired