Nov 19

20 Years of Impact

Avuxeni, minjane? Umfekile minjane! (Hello, how are you? I am well!)

The end of the year is rapidly approaching; it is barrelling down the hill and there is still so much work to be done, because of you! Your support has enabled us to continue working and having extra activities. For example, in November, we are completing our Star Award Assessments which is where we visit every kids group for the purpose of evaluating their performance throughout the year, this is an exciting time because the kids get to share all of their adventures and activities and demonstrate how they have grown as individuals, small groups and the larger group!

We are also holding a celebration on the 26th November to commemorate 20yrs of Children’s Groups in Limpopo – Mopani District. It’s unbelievable to me, to think we (Elizabeth and I) have been doing this work since November 2003. Absolutely amazing how fast time has flown and from very humble beginnings with 13 girls have led to an organization which has supported now over 30,000 children throughout those years, produced doctors, lawyers, social workers, acturalists, boiler makers, scientists, chartered accountants, nurses, teachers, engineers (mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil) just to name a few.

Twenty years ago Elizabeth and I had a dream, it started in 2003 but when I quit my secure day job in August 2007 to start Keep The Dream196 and Elizabeth followed me in January 2008 then KTD196 really took off. Together with the team we have built, we are seeing amazing changes in the lives of individuals. Children becoming adults with hearts so big that it is exciting for the future of this nation. Children breaking the cycle of poverty (financial as well as emotional and spiritual poverty) of hopelessness and despair, not just for their parents but for their own families as well.

Through your support KTD196 has also grown to be able to include the parents properly in our program through SHG. We have 52 groups of ladies, almost 900 families represented, all changing their families through income generating activities, all learning how to nurture and care for their children in an empowering manner. These ladies are also making inroads with community based issues by using their Rights to demand better services from government.

All of this has been achieved in the last 20years, through Global Giving’s support and yours for the last 12years. What a wonderful legacy we together are leaving the future. Your support has been instrumental, without you, we would not exist today. Thank you doesn’t cut it, I don’t know how else to express my appreciation and joy for your support. You make all the difference and I am grateful to God for your support.

Thank you and God Bless you

Louise and Elizabeth