Rosemary Nkwashu | Team Leader

I am Rosemary Nkhwashu I am 59 years old, and I am a mother of many children at KTD196 organisation and granny to 3 children and mother to my 1 boy.

Without KTD196 I am nothing but because of KTD196 I am a proud old lady now. I thank Louise and Akela Zabe because at the beginning when they tell me that I can bring difference to the community I refused, and they told me that yes you can.

I am a Team Leader at KTD196. My husband passed away in 2021, but I know how to feed myself and I continue doing everything that I was doing with my husband without any difficulties because of KTD196 and because of Louise and Zabe and the whole staff of KTD196.

I have many things to talk about KTD196 because it is my other family. I have groups at schools, I am a well-known person at schools, where I have groups. Before working at KTD196, I was very shy to stand in front of people and talk, but now I can and now I am a helper to other field officers, and we help each other, I thank God who brought Louise to us from Australia. Life is good to me because of KTD196.

Ever since I joined Keep the Dream196, I have learned a lot and gained many skills. I am part of training teachers, parents, and Indunas because KTD196, once again am grateful for the opportunity to learn training skills. I can use a laptop and type the work I am given. Through Keep the Dream196, I have also had the opportunity to travel to different provinces and meet new people I have an excessively big family because of the work that am doing.

I have worked with many children from as little as 7 years old, and am immensely proud of all my children, others were bullies at school, and many where suffering peer pressure and others did not have support from their parents and their community, but through scouts they were able to achieve their dreams, others are still at university, and others are working.

I am enormously proud of the scout’s program, many children were saved, secured and developed through scouts, thank you very much KTD196, for your vision and mission, the little that we are doing is a substantial change to our community and our lives.