Angy Malatji Rikhotso | Field officer

My name is Angy Malatji, and I started working at Keep The Dream 196 in 2010 as field officer. When I join KTD I never thought that I will be where I am today. When I start working in my area, I only had community groups and groups from Drop-in Centres. It was difficult to reach all kids because some of them were not part of the centre.

Elizabeth encouraged me to go and start groups from schools because that’s where children are. I visited some of the schools from my area and introduced scouting. Some principals did understand while others didn’t. I started working in three schools and two community group in 2011 and then in 2021 Nkulu ask me to make an appointment with the circuit manager from the area.

Nkulu accompanied me to the circuit manager to explain about scouting and how can we work together to develop children. The circuit manager agreed to work with us and introduce us to six schools in Motupa Area. I started working with those six schools (Thapane primary, Sara Primary, Mapula Primary, Fobeni High, Boke High and Maloti High) in March 2022.

With the help of Elizabeth and Rosemary we managed to work well in the area. All school principals were so supportive because they could see changes with the children we are working with. I am still working well in the area and have good relationship with all schools I am working with. I enjoy going out everyday meeting with cubs and scouts. All children I am working with are well mannered and always doing their best.

Most of the children in our programme are the ones who are receiving awards during award ceremonies at schools. I always have a smile when I see children in scouts progressing and able to help each other in scouting and their schoolwork.

Keep the Dream196 staff are so supportive and we treat each other like family. I thank everyone working at KTD196 for the love and support they gave me since I joined them. I am still looking forward to work with them and change the life of the children in our communities.