Advocacy and Awareness

Project Summary

The SHGA ladies create Advocacy and Awareness raising activities regarding issues that affect their children, families and communities.

Dual problems such as the lack of knowledge regarding health related issues and decaying infrastructure within the communities, schools are falling down, water is only available once a week, crime other social ills affect the poorest of the poor primarily.

Through awareness raising and advocacy opportunities the ladies identifying their issues, come together as a unified voice, change is more likely to happen. Often lack of knowledge is the core issue whether

The women are able to enact their human rights to services that government has failed either to provide or sustain. The ladies also have the health knowledge to protect and prevent chronic illness and live a healthier life.

Women who are empowered to address substantial issues within their communities and see real change, the women will become change agents for their own communities and gain political momentum, eventually to change the nation.

Self Help Groups
Rands Saved

Training Provided

The Advocacy arm of SHG is embryonic, currently we have one Cluster Level Association working to bring water to the village of Burgersdorp, it starts with small steps. Other Awareness raising examples include but not limited to

  • Children’s rights – what are they, what is my role as a duty bearer, child protection strategies.
  • Mental health related issues – prevention, signs and symptoms, and treatment.
  • Gender based violence prevention, what to do if you are being abused, legal assistance, where to go for help.
  • How to deal/handle co-parenting.
  • Cervical cancer – prevention, signs and symptoms, and treatment.
  • TB (Tuberculosis) – prevention, signs and symptoms, and treatment.
  • Stunted growth in children – prevention, signs and symptoms, and treatment.
  • HIV/AIDS – prevention, signs and symptoms, and treatment.