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Project Summary

We have a passion to change South Africa one child at a time. By changing a child we touch a family, by changing a family we touch a community, by changing a community we touch the province. The next step is South Africa!

The training we provide is primarily focused around Children and supporting Children. Keep The Dream 196 presents quality training and ongoing support to parents, caregivers, professional staff e.g. social workers and teachers, Community Based Organization’s (CBO’s) such as Home Based Care and Drop In Centres, as well as partnerships with other NGO’s.

Children’s Programs

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More About what we do

We also work with individuals located primarily in the Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM) in order to develop skills and confidence when dealing with children and children’s issues particularly regarding the changing family dynamics associated with the HIV/AIDS pandemic and poverty. However, we also work within Limpopo and into Mpumalanga through our partners.

All training regarding Scouts is accredited within Scouts and is currently under review for SETA Accreditation. Both Elizabeth and I with Thabiso and Nkulu and the Field Officers, Rovers, and Senior Scouts form the Limpopo Training Team.

Our Life Skills Training with Children includes but is not limited to:

  • Gender Based Violence Prevention – Boys 2 Men
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Leadership Training
  • Building Resilience
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health – Boys and Girls
  • First Aid
  • HIV Peer Education
  • Food For Life is a 1- 3yr training program including: water harvesting, composting, cooking, planting seasons, marketing, basic book keeping skills

Our Peer Education and Life Skills develops such qualities as:

  • Self Discipline
  • Self Development
  • Team-work skills
  • Communication skills
  • Advocacy skills
  • Conflict management and resolution skills
  • Participation skills
  • Administration and Management skills
  • Income Generation Skills
  • First Aid
  • HIV/AIDS Peer Education
  • Food Security
  • Environmental Care