What an amazing start to Keep The Dream 196 we have had. It’s incredible how God works things together for His glory. I want to firstly give thanks to HIM for all HE has done and all He is going to do through KTD.

I want to thank Kings Court Christian School; particularly Fred Hoffman and Debbie Kemp for their vision and practical support of the work we are doing. God Bless you!

To the Board of Keep The Dream, your support is valued and appreciated! Just knowing you are there in your various capacities helps spread the load and focuses our sights on our vision and mission; thank you for your commitment and care both personally and professionally.

To Scouts South Africa especially Andrew and Sheila Tanner and Milly Siebrits, the support we have received has been wonderful. The sharedv ision has brought out the best in both of ourorganizations. I look forward to a long and productive relationship between the two associations.\

I also want to thank Save the Children – Sweden particularly Shani Winterstein for her vision and support for Keep The Dream despite a difficult birthing process and wish Shani all the best in her new adventures in America.

To the staff of Keep The Dream especially ElizabethMabuza, thank you for your support and commitment. Each one has turned down secure offers of employment to work with Keep The Dreama fragile, fledgling organization without much security at the present time. Again I know this is God at work.

Finally, but not least, I want to thank all the Home Based Care Managers, care givers and children for their ongoing support, courage, commitment and love throughout this last year. Although Keep The Dream has only been official for 6 months, unofficially the children’s project has been in operation since 2003. It is only with the dedication of the Caregivers from the various Community Based Organizations around Greater Tzaneen Municipality, that we have been able to do the wonderful work we have for the children and for the future of South Africa. Your courage and commitment is inspiring and worthy of emulation; I am blessed to know you and call you friends.

I hope you will find this report both interesting and exciting regarding the work we do and the impact we have in changing the lives of children.

Louise Batty, Managing Director
Louise Batty, Managing Director