The impact of our program is varied and wide. As you open each icon you will see for yourself the impact we are having on the children we serve.

Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy

National rate is 20%, KTD196 0.007% sustained for 19yrs

Prevention of Crime

National crime rate 70% of all children commit their first crime by 15yrs, KTD196 1 child in 19yrs

Prevention of HIV infections

400,000 new HIV infections per annum

Promotion of Academic Achievement

Limpopo Matric Pass rate 64%, KTD196 91%

Prevention of Gender Based Violence

Gender-based violence is a pervasive national problem; a public health crisis. KTD196 Children’s program is preventative.

Prevention of Suicide

National suicide rate 12.9%, KTD196 0 sustained for 19yrs 

Prevention of Poverty/Food Insecurity

66% of all children in Limpopo are impoverished