Community Leaders

Adult Training portion of our program has three core purposes:

1. To educate adults and caregivers to become better parents.

2. To create volunteers who will be able to assist with the implementation of our children’s project.

3. To create links in the community between Induna’s and children and to put children and their issues on the agenda of leaders in the communities in which we operate.

Part of our strategy with Children is to give them a voice in their families, schools and communities!

We have built relationships with the local village leaders (Induna’s) and Chiefs. We have trained and supported them in giving children a voice in their communities.

KTD196 has offered a series of trainings including:

  • Children’s Rights and Responsibilities
  • Journey of Life
  • First Aid
  • Counselling
  • Leadership skills
  • Community Mapping

The Induna’s participated in an interactive training which produced a physical plan for implementation around Child Protection. The Induna’s identify places within their communities which were safe and unsafe for children to be and then created an action plan to address the issues identified. This was an exciting training as the community leaders put children first in their planning and were able to bring about real change on behalf of children.

After a lengthy discussion with the plenary of Induna’s it was decided that places that were marked as safe are actually unsafe for children.

Schools were marked unsafe – “There are now gangs in schools; teachers are chasing children out of school because of their country of origin. Some schools don’t have proper security system in place which results in children leaving the school premises when they feel like it. High teenage pregnancy and some of the male teachers are the culprits.”

Churches were marked as unsafe – “There are people coming into the community wanting to open a church just for the pastor to start having intimate relationships with the youth within the church and some churches are oppressing their people.”

Clinics are also not safe anymore, “Children are taken to a clinic to seek medical help just to be told that there is no medicine, some of the hospital staff are rude to their patients and there is also poor hygiene.”

Crèches are unsafe – “No proper security in the crèches, strangers can come and pick up your child, there is no register that you fill or confirmation if the child is related to you or the parent gave consent for you to pick up her child. “

What a sad indictment on today’s society.

We are excited to see the impact in the coming year regarding the implementation of the Induna’s Action Plans.

The yellow, blue and brown dots on the map represent places which are not safe for children.

Only the orange dot is a safe pace.