Adults Training

Training of Parents and Adults working with Vulnerable Children and related issues:

•     Children’s Program – Scouts – training for each level of children’s program including

o   Meerkats – 5-7yrs

o   Cubs – 7-11yrs

o   Scouts -11-18yrs

o   Rovers -18-30yrs

o   Master Trainer Courses

•     Children’s Rights and responsibilities

•     Parenting Skills Training
•     Communication skills with children e.g. counselling children    
•     Group Therapy
•     Developing Circles of Support with children

Training of Parents in Income Generation and Entrepreneurship

•     Self Help Groups – a savings and loan system where the ladies save together and utilise

            this money generate wealth by starting small businesses and becoming financially

            independent of the group but also adding value to the community.

•     Parenting Skills Training – Assisting parents to reconnect with their children, much abuse

            happens in the home, parents are taught how to parents, their children attend our Life

            Skills Training and they meet together and develop stronger families.

Training of Service Providers and Other interested Parties:

•      Children’s Life Skills program

•      Building resilience in children

•      Children’s Rights and Responsibilities
•      Communication with children

•      Group Therapy for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS